Interactive Comic Experiment

Deception, intrigue and playfulness

I made this tiny 24p comic to explore the 4th wall breaking and the interactivity that this medium could bring but that is usually ignored.


What the heck are you talking about?
The main idea revolves around making the reader an active part of the story, not a mere observer. Since the beginning there’s a constant dialogue between the reader and the hero, whom is bored and annoyed to be taken for granted, to be forced to relive over and over again the same story every time a reader opens the book. Is in that moment when he claims his power forcing, for once, the reader to be his pawn. He forces you to turn the comic book upside down if you’d like to continue reading, makes you realize that without him there’s no story; damn! he even changes the comic book language and reading direction! All this while plotting a final twist that not even Shyamalan could have seen coming!

*Awesomely riso-printed at Máquina total🔥

I have some copies left, so if you’d like one, drop me a line