Pop-up madness exhibition

Are you a sinner?

This was my first solo exhibition, a tiny one, among friends, but really fulfilling (thanks Atelier and MOB to lend your spaces to make it happen). A set of prints consisting on the sins (gluttony, greed, wrath, pride, lust, sloth and envy) represented by a character driving a robot built by objects related to that sin. Sounds complicated? Take a look at the drawings!

As I just learnt how to screen print, I printed myself all the artwork available to sell. I printed each illustration seven times, made a limited edition that mixed screen print and watercolor, and printed tote bags too! I also painted almost 35 little watercolor illustrations with drawings related to each sins, the characters I made and the objects they use.

Watercolor paintings

I think you can take a look to a good old summary video to get the whole picture! Filmed and edited awesomely by Marco Gasser

I still have some spare prints to sell. If you are interested just drop me a line, you sinner!