Collaboranimation rules!

Cool collab on the way? I’m in!

If there’s something I like is making collaborations with unknown people over the internet. And Kate Sullivan is the queen of this kind of stuff. She was the mastermind behind Moon animate make-up! and Bartkira’s trailer projects.

The idea behind Moon animate was to re-animate a whole episode of Sailor Moon shot-by-shot in each participant’s style. In the case of Bartkira, taking as a starting point Ryan Humphrey’s Bartkira comic project, the goal was to re-animate Akira’s movie trailer but changing all its characters for the Simpsons’ characters.

I was part of both projects. On Moon animate I managed to make 3 shots, while (unluckily) I made just one for Bartkira. You can check both projects down here. They’re pure gold!

Moon Animate Make-up!