Let’s zoom into your body!

Let’s zoom into your body!

What do you see? Cells! Millions, billions, trillions of cells! In this slice-of-life comedy, we follow the misadventures of three Cellkids on their way to become properly functional cells in society to serve the Body. These Cellkids are students at the “School of Life”, right in the heart of Myocardium City.

Meet the wildest twin blood cells of all bone marrows: the carefree red blood cell Ery and the oddball white blood cell Leuk, always messing around on their bodily field trips! They hang out with their best friend Newt: a nerdy neuron + exchange student from Cerebellum Elite School (up there in fancy Brainopolis), usually unable to contain the twins and their irrepressible curiosity. What adventures are awaiting them?

Character Designs + Sample Board

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